The union you join depends on the nature of your work at LSHTM. Details of each are listed below.

  •  UNISON covers clerical & related, administrative and manual staff at the School, including such roles as library assistant, catering, course administrator, project administrator, departmental operating officers and many more.  For more information e-mail UCL UNISON Twitter (includes LSHTM, RVC, UCL)
  •  Unite principally represents staff working in laboratory settings but we are not exclusive and welcome members from any area of the School. Contact Cheryl Whitehorn (mailto: ) your union rep, on extension 2344 for further details or view the national website at
  • UCU is the union for both academic and academic-related staff. This means if you are on the academic grades (research assistant, research fellow, lecturer, senior lecturer, reader or professor), this is your union. It is also the union for people on the academic related grades of Admin, Library and Computing (ALC graded contracts) and those on “Other Related” grades. Contact or see our web site for contact details and lots more information.

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